Speech Pathology

Work on your voice, speech and non-verbal skills


At Presence we believe in the power of real and effective communication.

Our voice, speech, body language and social thinking all contribute to how we present ourselves to the world. By improving these skills we become not just better communicators but greater versions of our true selves. This results in more confidence, trust, respect and of course, like-ability.

Whether you have a communication disorder, a mild communication “difference” or your high-level skills could do with some fine-tuning, at Presence we work with you on all elements of verbal and non-verbal communication. Through individual Speech Pathology or tailored Communication Coaching you'll develop the tools to deliver your messages just as they are intended.

In addition, you’ll learn to change your mindset and behaviours and develop lasting habits and strategies with our personalised approach founded on evidence based practice.

Contact us to find out how you can:

  • Become a better communicator
  • Find your voice and your own personal communication style
  • Communicate with grace, charm, power and influence
  • Have fun with verbal and non verbal communication!
Voice     •Ÿ    Clarity     Ÿ•     Tone     Ÿ•     Expression     Ÿ• Ÿ   Articulation     Ÿ•     Volume     Ÿ• Ÿ   Speaking Rate 
    ŸListening     Ÿ•     Body Language     •     ŸProfessional Voice UseŸ and Care   

 Social Communication     Ÿ•  Ÿ  Business Communication     Ÿ•  Ÿ  Interview Skills Ÿ   • Ÿ   Presentation Skills

Neurological Disorders     •     Acquired Brain Injury     •     Swallowing
Communication Assessment and Feedback

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