Communication Coaching

In Communication Coaching sessions, you'll learn how to regain control of your voice, speech, body language and words and use them to your advantage in all communication interactions. You'll unlock your communication potential to ensure  your messages are delivered just how they're intended.    

Our professional speech, voice and overall presence can let us down - sometimes unexpectedly. Communication Coaching enables you to deal with communication issues and hurdles before they become major problems so you can tackle bigger challenges with more confidence to achieve better outcomes and connections.

By providing guidance, support and a framework for accountability we help you achieve goals and/or modify habits and communicate to the best of your ability.

Sessions may use coaching methods in isolation or a combination of coaching and Speech Pathology therapeutic techniques if required. Either way, it is all about working on the goals you want to achieve.

We can meet with you at your place of work or study or at our office in East Malvern.

Contact us on 0413 043 369 to discuss your needs.