About Us

 At Presence Communication Network we believe we all have the potential to learn to say what we want to say in just the way it's intended. 

We communicate in every single encounter we have and in a variety of ways and, everybody’s communication style is unique to them. The words we choose, the way we dress and our actions all send important messages to others. Most important of all however, is how we craft and deliver our verbal information – our body language, our tone of voice and voice quality, pronunciation, our volume, rate of speech, listening skills and confidence all contribute to our overall presence and ability to communicate and connect with others.

Making even subtle changes to the way we deliver our messages can be the difference between an okay conversation and an inspiring interaction, a lukewarm interview and an exciting connection, a fruitful discussion and an argument or a productive team and a toxic one. 

With the right knowledge, skills and techniques, we can empower ourselves (and each other) to find our voice and foster our own communication style. This will only enhance our professional image and enable us to move forward in our career and life.

Through tailored Speech Pathology (Therapy), coaching methods and practical application we work together to build on your strengths, replace habits, learn new skills and unlock your communication potential.

We will challenge your thinking, provide tools and techniques and build confidence. We work on the philosophy of learning by doing and don’t have a fixed approach – each client is seen as an individual and sessions are structured accordingly.

All that's needed is an open mind and the motivation to make change.

Contact us to discuss your needs. P: 0413 043 369

Di Butcher

Speech Pathologist

Di began her career as a Speech Pathologist in 1989 and since then has worked with adults with neurological, voice and communication disorders in a variety of settings. She has a wealth of experience in helping people achieve their communication goals, whatever they may be. 

Di believes we all have the potential to find our voice and by making small changes to how we craft our verbal and non-verbal communication we can make big changes in our lives. 

She is passionate about listening as a key communication skill and believes this combined with speech clarity and intentional communication can increase our overall presence which improves our work and personal relationships, connections and wellbeing. 

Di is also a trained Executive Coach and combines coaching with Speech Pathology therapeutic techniques (and a bit of mindfulness) to achieve the best results for her clients.